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After nearly 2 decades of learning about violence and working in some of the most hostile environments around the world, Our CEO decided it was time to bring all the knowledge and experience gained throughout the years to:  municipalities, Agencies and the private sector. With the ability to put together a team of instructors Nation Wide or OCONUS, that can tackle any challenges our clients may have, from Combat training, Tactical wound care training, Corporate consulting and training on violence prevention, to hiring and selection for SRT/SOG groups. Our goal at PROTACT-OPS is to provide experience based solutions to community problems. 


You can loose a fight before you even fight it. Know your self and your abilities, Know your strength and limitations, and above all, be mentally prepared to face any challenges. 

Our Philosophy

The world is in the midst of an extended War transition that will last at least another decade. Many factors and forces are at work during this transition and some aspects of it have not been  very positive so far.

combine with the ever growing crime rates and social disparities and radical religious and political clashes.

Because of this, it is imperative to be prepared and trained. Because it is not about being in the Wrong place at the Wring time anymore. 

Now it can be Any Place, at Any Time.


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